Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Okay, so the dance is canceled. but y? we did nothing wrong so y should we be punished? i just dont get it. but at least its getting rescheduled. i know that really doesnt help but maybe the new dance will be better then the original. another thing is 7th grade beat down. i am a 7th grader myself and i dont know if it happened or not. i have alot of 8th grade friends and they dont want to do it, so wat is up with it then? i think that its kind of stupid if u ask me. u can dislike us if u want, but that doesnt mean u have to be a jerk about it right? i wanna know what u think about it, even if u r a 8th grader. tell ur friends and email me if u have any gossip at adios chickas or chickos

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